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In designing large-scale traffic signs, we are aware that a large-scale sign is an expensive product and that the possibilities of later modifications are limited. Thus we pay extra attention when drawing designs for the production of large-scale signs. The designs are drawn according to a draft supplied by the customer. Designing a large-scale sign consists of several phases:


  • proposal
  • approval by customer
  • submission of approved designs for production


The quality of the draft directly influences the quality of the sign. The draft usually consists of approved project documents. Ideally, the project is developed in line with existing standards and regulations and approved by respective authorities. The design drawings of large-scale signs are worked out in details required by the regulation PPK – ZNA Requirements for the execution and scale of traffic sign projects in individual stages of documentation for motorways and express roads managed by the Road and Motorway Directorate.

The practice, however, often tends to be different. It sometimes happens that the drawings are not standardised (wrong symbol and font size, wrong distances between graphic components, wrong typeface or colours...), or they demonstrate imperfections at first sight (wrong or missing locations or road numbers...). The result of such flaws may be that the sign dimensions are distorted and the message is incomplete or misleading. The producer then has little space to correct the errors. It is usually only possible to remove the most visible flaws in the graphic layout, but changing the message (locations, road numbers) is impossible as it would require the project to be reworked.





An authorised project documentation for permanent traffic signs should include detailed designs of large-scale traffic signs.







Before a design can be drawn, it is necessary to determine the following input data:


  • locations
  • direction of locations
  • background and location colours
  • road numbers
  • other symbols (pointers, embedded symbols of traffic signs etc)
  • font size and symbol size
  • type of retroreflective film










The signs are manufactured according to designs approved by the customer. During manufacturing, the product's compliance with the original design and the ČSN EN 12899 − 1 is independently tested. Besides the reflection properties of the film, the geometric accuracy is also tested.





An example of a design for a sign composed of aluminum plates with integrated prism.