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Designing the traffic sign IS 23 – Cultural or Tourist Site follows firm rules. Detailed instructions for the IS 23 are listed in the Transport Ministry's methodological guide called "The marking of cultural and tourist sites on motorways and roads". The current wording of the regulation is available online at www.rsd.cz. The methodological guide includes a list of standardised site symbols for road intersections and guidelines for the traffic signs' graphic and technological execution, including instructions for sign approval, among other things. Our work usually consists of designing the logo and graphics of the sign, securing the approval of the design by respective authorities and the production and installation of the sign.



IS 23 traffic signs are subject to the following rules:

  • Cultural or tourist sites are assigned to specific roads or intersections.
  • Signs are produced and installed according to a project approved by the responsible authorities.
  • Quality and design of signs must comply with traffic sign regulations.
  • Sign width along motorways and express roads is 3,000 mm (in legitimate cases 3,500 mm). For signs along first category roads the width is 2,000 mm (in legitimate cases 2,500 mm). Signs along other roads are 1,500 mm wide.
  • Signs along motorways and express roads must use a class 2 retroreflective film. For signs along first category roads and other roads a class 1 or class 2 retroreflective film must be used.
  • Signs are attached to a truss girder. Signs that are 1,500 mm wide are attached to columns. That is why these signs do not need to be protected by crash barriers.



                    Icons used on the IS 24b sign