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Airport signs

Airport guidance signs are an important part of airport traffic control. They are a means of directing and controlling air traffic by helping pilots orient themselves on runways during take-off, landing and taxi.
Airport signs are categorised according to:

a) the message they deliver
RWY regulatory signs identify areas that the aircraft must not taxi over unless ordered to do so by the control tower. Our regulatory signs comply with Art. of the L 14 standard.
RWY orientation signs include direction signs, location signs, navigation signs and RWY exit signs. Our airport orientation signs comply with Art. of the L 14 standard.

b) the technology used 

Illuminated airport signs

The frame is made of aluminium brackets and is designed for sufficient stability. The back is made of an aluminium panel; the transparent window in the front is made of polycarbonate. The signs come in FAA standardised sizes. The sign itself is designed to minimise service and equipment requirements during maintenance. The light sources are located in sockets that facilitate replacement. The bulbs are always connected to two separate circuits. The signs are furnished with passive safety features, namely a safety socket and a safety plug that ensures a technically perfect and safe disconnection of the sign from the power grid in the case of a collision with an aircraft. Another safety feature is a breaking connector that facilitates the separation of the sign's body from the grounding framework as a way to eliminate damage caused by a mechanical collision. The sign's height leaves enough free space for aircraft propellers. The frame of the sign is rounded. 

Prosvětlované letištní znakyProsvětlované letištní znakyProsvětlované letištní znaky

Reflexní letištní znakyReflexní letištní znakyReflexní letištní znaky

Retroreflective airport signs

The retroreflective signs are made of pressed steel or aluminium sheets that are 1 to 2 millimetres thick. In the back they are reinforced by aluminium brackets. The face surface is made of a 3M retroreflective film, which ensures colour stability for at least five years and complies with requirements for adhesion and scratch resistance. The signs are secured to a concrete base through safety breaking connectors designed to resist aerodynamic turbulence caused by passing aircraft. In case of mechanical contact with an aircraft, the connecters safely break in designated places.

Reflexní letištní znakyReflexní letištní znaky