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Urban Furniture

Map stands

Urban orientation systems facilitate the movement of tourists and traffic. Its technical and aesthetic level affects the appearance of the city. The company Značky Praha s.r.o.offer you representative products in this field. The map stand is an important element of the city orientation system. Because it is „in the public eye“, its appearance, design and location must meet several basic requirements:

  • clarity and accuracy of the information in the map
  • level of graphic desing and processing
  • outdoor print resistance
  • representative appearance and high durability of the structure
  • cleanliness of the immediate surroundings of the stand
  • the possibility of parking a car at the map stand located at the entry to the town


Venkovní orientační systémy - mapové stojany              Venkovní orientační systémy - mapové stojany

Direction indicators

Name of streets, cultural and touristic places

New decree no. 30/2001coll. fundamentally influenced the next  development of these products. On the one hand, most of the administrative obstacles to their expansion were removed, on the other hand, it unified their appeareance and execution. This is due to the fact that most of direction indicators that we used to refer to as an urban orientation system must now be considered a traffic sign. Specifically, we wish to mention traffic signs IS 22a – f street name marking and also IS 23 and IS 24 a – c cultural or tourist destination. The product is subject to Act No. 22/1977 Coll.,on technical requirements for products and for amendement and addition of certain laws and § 5 of Government regulation No. 178/1997 which establishes technical requirements for construction  products and supplemented by Government Regulation No 81/1999.  

The direction indicator must, among other things, comply with several important principles applicable to traffic signs:

  • its design must be approved. The structure must meet the demanding mechanical tests required for traffic signs
  • reflective foil of an approved type must be used on the active area
  • Active area appearance must meet the requirements of VL 6.1 – Vertical traffic sign
  • The dimension of the  direction sign, the colors of the foil, the height and the type of the font are precisely determined by this regulation and cannot be changed
  • The size of the direction sign is 1000 mm x 200 mm, the font height is 100 mm


         Venkovní orientační systémy - směrníky


Public transport stops

We produce stop posts in several versions. Type ZO S85 has a more robust construction and is intended primarily for urban transport. The type S 165-V with an exchangeable lines system is also intended for urban transport. All types include a waterproof cabinet for the timetable. The active area of the vertical traffic sign No. IJ 4a and IJ 4 b is made of retroreflex foil.

Information in transport accessible to blind and partially sighted passengers is one of the steps to make this service accessible. One option is information label in Braille placed on the signpost.

Orientační systémy - zastávky MHD    Orientační systémy - zastávky MHD   Orientační systémy - zastávky MHD   Orientační systémy - zastávky MHD

Orientační systémy - zastávky MHD



Orientation plates for city public transport cars

Orientation plates are made of impact-resistant plastic material.

Orientační tabulky do vozů MHD



Our notice-boards are produced in sizes 1000x750 mm and 1500x1000 mm. The cabinet includes post to be embeded into the concrete foundation. 

  • Our notice-board is made of quality materials,  suitable for outdoor environments
  • Metal structure is made of combination of stainless steel and aluminium alloys
  • Posts are galvanized steel protected by powder-firing paint
  • Cabinet and posts are painted in RAL colors
  • The ventialtion system prevents dew
  • FeZn wall allows the documents to be fixed  with magnets
  • Simple unlocking with a special key
  • The notice-board window is secured in the open position by gas struts

On request, the modification of notice-board design is possible:

  • To change dimensions
  • Posts can be made of Al alloy
  • Posts can be fitted into aluminium base                       
  • The notice board can be designed to hang on the wall
  • A top panel can be included, e.g. with the symbol of municipality

Městský mobiliář - nástěnky

Decorative posts

All decorative posts are made of cast iron. The exception is the 1980 type which is made of Al alloy The surface of the posts is treated with varnish in the colors of RAL sample book.

Městský mobiliář - okrasné sloupky